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CSN is an experienced international asset buyer that effectively incorporates technology with all aspects of the business to create profitable returns.
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Chris Winkler has led the acquisition of over 10 Billion dollars of distressed financial assets in North America and Europe.

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Technology and Data Science Advantages

CSN leverages technology and experience to build a unique global asset management business. Data science is used to drive investment, asset acquisition and management of the assets. CSN has experienced partners that are engaging the latest technology developments and servicing strategies in global markets. CSN is developing cutting edge asset and debt management systems and solutions to successfully manage the business and create profitable returns. 


International Asset Acquisition 


Investment Opportunity 

Unique investment opportunities with CSN exist for qualified investors.

Contact us today if you may be interested in investment.


Meet the Team

CEO and President

Chris Winkler

•Graduated University of Wisconsin-Madison

•30 years of distressed receivable management experience

•CEO of multiple international distressed asset companies

•Sold first start-up company to a publicly traded company

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CTO and Vice President

Jaime Valencia

•Graduated from Globe University School of Business

•20 years of Information Technology experience

•Executive management experience at prestigious public technology companies Amazon, Microsoft, and CDW Technologies

•Fluent in multiple languages

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President of Operations and Compliance

Samantha Effinger

•12+ years of distressed receivable management experience

•Portfolio Support Manager at Razor Capital with experience in acquisitions, data management, and analytics

•Operations Support Manager at ARC with experience across multiple debt management/collection software platforms

•Ran after-school programs for students in low-income housing areas in both New Jersey and Minneapolis

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Financial Consultant

Steve Hozie

•Former CFO of a publicly traded company which required oversight of SEC reporting and investor relations

•CFO for four former real estate related companies

•30 years of financial management experience

•Experienced in high level capital raises as well as mergers and acquisitions

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President of Real Estate

Michael Breese

•20 years of experience in real estate

•16 years of experience in high level real estate development

•Former CEO of a construction company and field management company that work for large US financial institutions

•10 years of experience in distressed consumer finance work included complete service site profit and loss responsibility for a large US debt servicer

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